Week 1 Individual Assignment

GoogleDocs and concept map.

Arithmetic Sequence 1 Video

This assignment is in two parts. You will use two technology tools. For the first part, you need to create a GoogleDoc page. To create this page, you need to set up a Google email account, otherwise called a Gmail account. If you already own a Gmail account, you need not create another one, just use the one you own. Second, you need download a concept map. Here is an example of a concept map:
Concept Map

  • Define the concept of arithmetic sequence
  • Justify the importance of arithmetic sequence to the number system
  • Synthesize the basic concept of the arithmetic sequence

After adequate research, and using GoogleDocs, in one paragraph, respond to the following questions:
  • What is the concept of arithmetic sequence?
  • How important is this concept to numeration system?
Watch the video Arithmetic sequences 1, then use a concept map to illustrate the video.

Week 1 Collaborative Assignment

  • Define the concept of mathematical sequence
  • Identify mathematical sequences, and explore arithmetic sequence.

Please play the podcast below:

If this does not work, click on either of the following links: http://sicnarfnotlim.podomatic.com/ OR http://www.podomatic.com/
and go to Arithmetic Sequence.

This assignment will include technology tools like wiki, and slideshare or docstoc. Please be reminded that each group is to expected to use
either slideshare or docstoc in their final presentation.