Week 2 Individual Assignment

  • Define the concept of geometric sequence
  • Justify the importance of geometric sequence to the system of numeration
  • Synthesize the basic concept of the geometric sequence

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and go to Episode 1.

What are geometric sequences?
Geometric progression

Week 2 Collaborative Assignment

Learning community wiki.
In this week, you will continue to work in the community of three that you started last week. If you are not comfortable with the group membership, let me know by the second day of the week, so that I can make changes. In this week’s group assignment, you will share ideas, make suggestions, ask questions, and encourage each other as you work on the collaborative assignment. In preparing for this assignment, one member will create a wiki for the group, then send invitation to the other members to join the group.

  • Differentiate between arithmetic sequence and geometric sequence
  • Compare and contrast the arithmetic sequence and the geometric sequence with other types of mathematical sequences

In your smaller learning communities, and using wiki, collaborate on the differences and similarities between the arithmetic sequence and the geometric sequence. After the collaboration, use the multimedia technology tool PowerPoint to create a 9-slide presentation of these differences and similarities. Each member of the group must insert his/her name on the three slides prepared. Upload your PowerPoint as a video to YouTube, then insert it on the groups wiki page for presentation.