Week 2 Discussion - Geometric sequence

Discussion Objectives

As a result of the web sites' reading and videos, the students will:

1) Identify, if any, the connection between geometric sequence and geometry

2) Determine the role of geometry and geometric sequence in mathematics

Similar to the arithmetic sequence discussed last week, the geometry sequence has an impact on mathematics.
In this week’s discussion, you will be required to work in your smaller learning community to collaborate on the
assigned task before posting the final draft.

The Task

Select one member of your assigned group to create a wiki for the group. The member will then invite the other
members of the group to join the wiki. After joining, collaborate on the following questions:

1) What is the connection, if any, between geometric sequence and geometry?
2) How does mathematics relate to both of them?

In at most 150 words, each member will reply to the two questions on their own wiki page.

Before the end of the week, each student will reply to at least two members of the class, where one member
must be a part of the same small learning community.